The IVC chapter and the cozy little read.

In trode action

I am the new woomaan in town. Oui it is a francophone country and it is difficult to navigate but I am hopeful.

I wish to use this site as a workshop to create something in the physical world. My previous stint has taught me that blogging works best when you combine it with your real and immediate world in some manner to align your needs with your imagination. Unpurposeful blogging or catharsis is looked at as just another form of chickening out of responsibilities.

To begin my workshop I’d want to jot down observations and insights that I gained out of reading one chapter of “Little women”. Reading it online and gaining insight therefrom is considered a painful process when compared to doing the same with reading from a real paperback.

Little women begins with introducing the main characters as envisaged by the title of the book (we are not sure yet if thefocus will remain on all the four women or if it will steadfastly follow one young girl’s journey while others tag along). From the manner in which the author has shifted gears and changed focus from one character to another, from one persona to a different one, gives the impression that it is indeed going to be about all of them, as the title does suggest.

Therefore , we might as well pay attention to what each one says. Creating a scene where each character introduces herself by participating in a group conversation is very helpful in bringing out the persona of each character.The dialogues moving across the space of a living room knits a certain fabric for the family to project them as one unit. At the same time it marks out their individuality despite the inseperable and underlying family bond. Such a concept of family would seem indecipherable for young minds reading it today, they who are brought up in nuclear families with no idea of how big families behaved as a cohesive unit in what is imaginably so comfortable and grounded in reality as projected by the author.

That is what we must take away as a ‘culture connect‘ when reading this book. It might seem strange for a little girl of 15 today, to imagine getting by with three other girls in the same confines of a family when she is actually fighting for personal space and recognition in the present big bad world outside and ironically finding that it is crowding her mind and invading her privacy. The world is one big family concept is scary to present generation whereas the large families of olden times were wrapped in comfort blankets of belonging in a crowded house which felt more like home.

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