Sun Worship is the new lost and found religion

[1/14, 09:59] Sree: Activated charcoal powder is the ancient recipe for gas and acidity, as cleaning agent for skin and vessels and may actually help with movement of our intestines by combining it with citrus fruits or some fibrous husk
[1/14, 10:01] Sree: I was sceptical about it being a nature friendly product but I found out that it is made from burnt coconut shells and not from wood

I’ am a Nature worshipper, a Nature loving and Nature fearing person. I acknowledge its power and humbly appreciate its benevolence. For me, as a believer, Sun is God and all other elements of nature are ruled by its light and warmth.To spread this truth one only needs to understand that we cannot meet eye to eye with the Sun. It is the provider of life in this ecosystem that inhabits planet earth. I am ready to be a New Age Guru to help people connect with Nature and turn around this destructive lifecycle train that is leading us and our future gen into certain doom.- The Sun shows the way of balance and warmth for sustenanance and sustainability.

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For life. For good. For cheer.

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