Celebration style a la little women style

The second chapter describes how they celebrate their forlorn Christmas by being kind and gay. Morning starts with sacrificing their grand breakfast for the sake of poor neighbours. Little girls who are behaving like adults even at the beginning of the book; only can wonder how much more would they grow up. Their father at war, their breakfast sacrificed but they still find time to behAve gaily to pull up their mother’s spirits.

Enacting plays with costumes and sets for being their own audience seems like a very unique way of celebrating during festivities. How different from the times we live in. At least, during our times, we huddled around the tv and watched the special programs aired to bring in the festive activities of celebrities thus bringing cheer to our far flung areas. Now with laptops and computers gaining upper hand, even that form of family get togethers is rare and in between. The family fabric is not strained anymore, it is just ignored.

Our times are at a speed we do not even care to comprehend; but these books show us a way out from our rat race machines, to get out of our mechanized lives and show Grace in our living, beginning with our families. So long, till I read my next chapter

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