Spices Affect

Spices in cookery art is the gold dust we embellish ornery dishes with; it gives out a significant aroma of welcomeness.

Besides cookery art my day is filled with day dreaming , a sort of preparation for furthering my blogging initiative or job search.

Thoughts are like torches that light the pathway of our actions. They also simmer like light-bugs above the pavement of our neighbourhood thus fulfilling us as our mundane duties give into a sensation of something juicy, by attributing to them an impression of purpose filled acts.

Why write about all this and make it sound exotic? So that the reader imbibes the essence of my presence and like spices they too seduce my curried life, thus then stir the sleeping, salty pond of bland waters. And thus then affect.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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