Life Story

Our life’s story runs forward smoothly till it hits a bump or gets rough with jerks and hiccups. The malfunctioning engine ie brain works best when it believes in a positive story so completely that it doesn’t make us scratch our heads in puzzlement.

Believability is essential ingredient for rising and sustained ambition. Without that , we feel empty, hollow or spiritual. Without wanting to run away from it all we may struggle and in this struggle period if we find another story with strong believability factor we will renew our run with zest.

Reinventing our life’s story is the only way to creatively side line restlessness and or boredom. Our mind’s Fed so many stories in our lifetime but then we believe in only those few stories that gains the approval of the majority in our immediate environment. We may also pursue the attractive stories that’s well established in the way the world-at-large functions. Yet, there is a wee bit of possibility that we may wander off into an unknown track and make a believable success story for ourselves. Sometimes, tales of people who took the less trodden path beguile and bewitch the larger majority.

We are all trying to just survive. It’d do us good to remember that and help each other through it all.

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For life. For good. For cheer.

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