It is one of those days

When in Mumbai, I was frequently upset by my kids’ pace of life. THEY literally lived out of school bags, me knowing not when they come n when they go. I used to wish they would stop and listen.

Thankfully shifting to a new place gave much respite. Electrocuted nerve wires settled down, singed emotions healed and raging hormones flattened out to peace.

The thought of going back is scary. Here, sitting quietly within the house seems agreeable because the city is quiet too. I wonder how I can live in a pigeon hole house quietly in Mumbai when the streets are abuzz. How to stop worrying about kids, how to ward off advertisements pressing upon some urgent personal need, how to have a cold thought to tackle stress, how to have hope about tomorrow when every attempt to go out involves having burning eyes and grey concrete as sights.

Perhaps, I can approach the municipality with ideas to improve the city’s infrastructure. But why bother when the authority doesn’t bother, those who are paid for such jobs do not bother. I can write it down in my blog and hope somebody sees it. But is it really that impossible to stop water-logging? Why can’t scientists of the country get together and solve such problems? Did they try? Have they given up? May I then try? Will you let me? But how do we get to sit across a table and discuss such issues? I promise I will pull out some magic from some magic hat. All this because my kids love the city and I have the capability of connecting dots and reaching favourable solutions

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