Reduce Reuse Respect Recycle

Quality, Quantity, Quantum. These 3 Qs can change a lot of things about the way we use, reuse and recycle non-living matter. Considering that matter is in constant exchange and interchange, if we seriously regulate the quality of living and non-living matter, its production requirement will be less and it can be reused longer. Besides, it gets a bit of respect and so it will be automatically recycled. Production of non-living matter, thus, should have stringent quality control. Period

Reducing the quantity of production of non-living matter due to better sustainability is owing to good quality. This can work miracles in the way matter is manifested in this planet earth. It could allow more living matter i.e. wildlife, nature, human beings to thrive and survive. Good quality of non living matter allows for better survival of living matter.

Quantum mechanics involves the environmental science of change, exchange and interchange of particulate matter at molecular level. We humans could benefit a lot by understanding it as the underlying principle of survival, thus benefiting our thoughts, our behaviour and existence as a community of beings.

We are afterall just recycled matter. We owe our origins and creation to both living and non-living matter. Let me leave you all with that thought for now.

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