The Word

It begins with the sound and the need to animate that sound. Therefore we first draw, a two dimensional representation of the sound. Then we give this written symbol an association. With association comes other sounds which also beg to be a representative symbol. Stringing these symbols together we attribute meaning so as to play with a more complex idea than just the sound. Thus, a word is born.

This word jumps fences, makes friends with more words and relates a short story in a sentence. This story is a recorded act or thought, a way to move forward, evolve, emerge from troubled situations, find a new thing, invent some excuse to be more creative.

The world is now witness to flowers of new hues and scents, birds with new feathers and songs, a celebration of endless creation and evolution. The word made it possible. Some creation beyond classical, a joy beyond every kind of despair, a step towards immortality. The idea that was, finding voice and begetting creation. Wallahomageisk! Howdylalujahed! Divinitysunastreisk! I am seriously running out of newborn cursative exclamations, rraaahh! Ra@h!

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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