Power Broker’s Paeans

Research on Energy might involve finding out ways and means to discard waste without harming environment. Also in case of solar energy it must assess its effect on the Sun itself as well as on climate change. In case of nuclear plants we must know the risk and have adequate waste disposal.
Global worldwide extreme steps to effectively tackle climate change crisis:

  1. Ban plastic and metal production. Recycle. Stop mining and quarrying.
  2. Ban private vehicles on roads. Introduce more buses and trains.
  3. Work from home as far as possible.
  4. Minimal survival provision, shelter and support for everyone.
  5. Sustainable community based living.
  6. World peace, positive ecosystem
  7. Mixture of appropriate energy sources. Limit energy use after 6 pm. Stay indoors. Provide community get togethers and community kitchens for evening using minimal energy. Or in extreme cases, black-outs after evening, lanterns and candles. Early to bed, early to rise. In places with extreme weather conditions allow heaters and airconditioners. Minimal human activity after 8 pm
  8. Non-biodegradable waste to be managed by recycling.
  9. Renewable energy sources to be allowed to be renewed efficiently.
  10. Bio-degradable waste to be used appropriately.

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