Let life be

I am not against any group of peaceful people, not gays or lesbians, not cinema fraternity or singers unit, not black or white people, not men or women rights demanders,not ethnic or casteist groups, not against anyone who loves life. I love and like everyone and therefore I wish everyone will become sensitive to ecology and environment and save this planet from destruction. To place above one’s personal interest the right to love life in general . So I am pro-life, pro-friendship and pro- environment. Rest is all divisions along personal issues which is heightened by historical tiffs, tyrranies and fights, fuelled by some people who thrive on negativity. Let us rise above all that and embrace life with its imperfections and broken-ness. Even if the whole world chooses to hate me I want to survive just like Nature who we humans are destroying. With so many animals going extinct and so much forests destroyed I am feeling that all those who loved me is dead. I feel like mother earth, pained beyond despair. Let us join hands or individualistically do whatever we can to bring about policy making to suit the environmental restoration and repair

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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