Dear life and dearest life’s leads

If one lets life be, then it could be noticed that there is a sudden spurt in growth, activity, wanderings and wilderness. This leads from creativity to chaos to procreation. It is only with procreation that sensibilities calm down to appreciate the result of the hyperactivity and restlessness. A simple surrender at the altar of one’s vision in person seals the case and make us enter into a pact with nature and everything around us. Life is tricky but fertile, quirky but agile, kinky but senile, risky but methodical; in its grasp we are spirits, it shapes not only our minds but also our bodies. For those limbs to grow, for those muscles to bulb out, for that fat to melt some sort of surrender to nature’s will is required since rebellion against life will derange, not align our matter to our mind-sets.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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