Inflammatory thoughts and actions

Everyone has them…thoughts that overwhelm with sadness, thoughts that prick the mind like a hundred thorns, actions that cut the silence like a knife, actions that creep on you like a thick vine and suffocate.

Mine are varied, but anything that bespoke of love that was, is the most inflammatory thought-provoking feeling. I cut it short immediately nowadays.So that the inflammation doesn’t take roots and make my life unsatisfactory.

Besides that:

There is the insulting words with which someobody hurts or with which I hurt somebody.

There is the thought of living the rest of the life like a hermit sans passion or emotion.

There is the action of doing work I don’t enjoy or don’t do well while not being able to do some work I love.

There is the thought of past rudeness or courage that caused no result in the positive.

There is the cause and effect of boredom.

There is dream that has seven colours and how I could make them come true if I only tried when I don’t put an effort towards it.

Oh! Isn’t that plenty enough to make some poison in my blood? Have to transfuse my blood with new life. this can’t go on.

I guess writing will be therapeutic and would serve as the vessel for new life to be infused with vibrant flow.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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