Mad or what?

This is a common refrain used by English speaking junta in my community around India. Mad or what? It is a dear way of saying don’t be silly.

This is what I ask myself now, ever since I started accepting my madness. One prime reason I have this friendly banter with myself is because I have realized how madness can steer the mind towards crime; and the best way to avoid it is by turning it all into a friendly banter, thus dusting off the dirt off the mind.

Pleasantry of mind is cultivated by self appreciation and self-acknowledgement. One must acknowledge one’s worst fears if one can’t overcome it. For eg. skiing on an icy slope maybe your worst adventure sport fear but one has either to do it and overcome or accept and then move on believing that you will never go out there and do it(And it is no big deal).

In a queer state of mind one has to constantly press upon one’s mind the need to veer off the mainstream and go ahead and jump off the cliff of sanity once in a while. But ensuring a safety net, if not an option then keep it dramatic and humorous. Avoid the pitfall of violence and anger.

You are very likely to meet another who is madder still. Therefore, it is doubly necessary that you don’t bounce off your madness off each other. Such a mistake will blow your minds by giving the high of having found another person who is bonkers but brainy and free to do his will. If you have to coalesce your mind with such a person then the best bet would be to follow a hobby, start a non-profit project, engage in charity either fund raising or random acts of kindness, write about issues as an arm chair activist, do social media awareness and such.

Mad or what? I mean, you really think there is a map for mad people to follow to come out winners? Really, relax, the sane have a very very, very ,very….n number of very times difficulty accepting that madness can be good. Simply, good. As for successful, well, you know it is comparable to asking for the moon. The social fabric, and the whole system has to be overwhelmed and upheaved before you can start your success story from scratch. It is that difficult. Accept it but for good causes, this difficult proposition could become just a big challenge. And then, madness might get rewarding in terms of revenue flowing in.

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