A sense of something new

A sense of something new is the sense of movement, of a beginning, of all that weathers seeing a change instead of death, of newness motivating life to jump into its being with vigour of existence. Such is the texture of something new, such is its perfume, of such quality is its aura that everything odd and old brightens up with their own memory of having been new and wanted. That is why we must shop. Exactly why we must learn new things. Not to forget look at new places, people and sights. Taste new food, Adopt a new style. Bring in an infant into this world.

Generate new sensations in each other with words, touch and gestures. Such is the heroism in creating a sense of something new. Why experiment? Why innovate? Why invent? Why discover? Why laugh? Ok, laughter hasn’t got anything to do with a sense of something new but laughter arises from the depths of that effort that brought something new into existence, experience and memory.

We exist because of renewal. Think about it, life is in renewal…of cells, of leaves, of wind, of water, of mineral, of soil, of everything that can have a second chance at creation. Second chances are for the pro-life people who wouldn’t stop even at the prospect of prostituting away their soul so that life can feel that new sensation that assures continuity. Barter away dreams for the dreary, exchange glitter for dirt, give away grand for good, those who can’t they must beg for money, beg for shelter, beg for food and assume that such basic rights will be given by those who can give any of it.

I was granted this grandness in thought by someone who inspired me. My gratitude alone cannot bring coolness to my mind. The seeking of that guru who brought this sort of kindness into my words, deserves the world in my individual opinion but what I can give him or her is words, prayers, feelings of admiration and gratitude. When I see that muse face to face I know I will be giving anything to see them feel like smiling at the world again. Because they are the suns that light up my world, their smiles will keep my world fertile, my creativity constant and like a moon I will always start them on a quest, for grandness, greatness and power. And if they take me along I will lead them to glory, or as a foot soldier keep the movement going, because participation in the quest for greatness and grandness is no sin. Especially if it is of the kind where life is re-affirmed affectionately.

Published by EssenceofPresence

The usual human being with an unusual taste for life

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