Is it a sin to sin?

Often I ask my soul whether it is real? I mean, imagined guilt is the soul’s heaviness. Otherwise any punishment feels unjustified. SO to sin we must go through certain injustice that made us adamant to have our way by hook or crook. Losing patience and committing hara-kiri is the consequence of a conundrum of events , emotions and feedback. Sometimes too much positive feedback can make our ego bloated and give strength to our desire to commit sin. Alternately negative feedback could also encourage to commit self-harm of some sort or burst into that one moment of insanity that destroys all the patience you have practised and all the meditation you have gulped down your breath.

Is it a sin to sin?

Sin itself is the answer.

The outrage it creates is the other people’s crying need to sin addressing itself, given that opportunity to nail a person guilty with their collective impotent rage of not being able to sin.

The sin if harmful to one person, that person be alive to judge and slap a case of injustice then the sinner or offender has a right to argue his case with the victim to settle the sense of injustice into some sort of solution that makes the sin irrelevant for both.

Sins that involve matters of life and death have to serve those affected by the death positively.

Third party involvement such as courts and judges and advocates offer nothing but the same yet it gives the sinner no chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the offended. I think that is cruel. The sinner must be given an ability to respond in regret and guilt. The action of regret, if allowed, could lessen the occurrence of the sin.

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