Pause Button

The flow of life doesn’t have a pause button. Even when the corona virus pandemic has virtually stopped life as it is known, we are not just sitting and staring at space, are we? Those who are, may be heavily dope. The pause button doesn’t exist. New habits are formed, new routine is set, new life is bred.

Things I have done to breed new life:

Plant seeds, cut veggies, all in food and soil mediums. The results have been interesting. Sprouts have appeared, some died and some still stand strong. I almost communicate with them and sense their growth underground.

Tried to create employment or work-projects online. Interactions have given me more reasons for resolutions and reservations. My relationship with the online world doesn’t stabilise into a transparent earning-worthy venture.

Day-dream less and less, sleep more n more. Frustrations built up over the years are best converted into bitter bile for better digestion.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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