The key to a long life

Are there enough people looking for the key to a long life? Why does it seem to me that people are more prone to living life off the edge than otherwise? The moment we wake up we are sucked into a life that doesn’t care whether the day ends in disaster or not. Our routine is a balancing act between how we see work and how we see life, our personal interest is lost somewhere in between.

What is the key to a long life? And why is that question sound boring to most people? As if it doesn’t matter that the question is asked, as if it is just plain stupid to expect a long life, as if there are not reasons enough to expect such a scenario. That the one who is asking it is possibly too rich, too content, too famous, too much-achieved bitch. While we are struggling to make ends meet, as if someone wants to sell us a dream of living a long life that won’t be like anything we are living day in and day out. True that, the key to a long life is in getting over the fact that it is not about changing routine, it is about playing it as routine as possible. Avoiding confrontations completely. Being popular being boring. That’s the key. If you could manage to charm people into loving you for being a tradionalist then you have cut out a way to a safer landing after each day’s flight. Otherwise you are constantly opening a pandora’s box and dealing with ghouls, elves, goblins, fairies and the likes, magically surviving what accidents being out of line brings. The opposite of a tradionalist is more a rationalist than anything else. Asking for a reason to survival is asking the provider not to provide for you and making life challenging thus.

The key to a long life is for those who can comply.

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