It was coming.

I knew this was coming. Depression. I saw it in other people and I knew. it was going to keep bothering me too . But I also knew I am gonna fight it off like an adjustment problem. I am gonna keep my life wandering into the right tracks and getting adventurous with my humane possibilities.

I guess, depression is easier to handle when people are moving at your pace but difficult when the world around you is running off from where you are stuck. My depression is my old normal. It is where I came from before hitting the high. Thus it ought to be familiar.

I have decided to knock on other’s doors, say ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ as soon as the lockdown is declared null. I am gonna start my own magazine. And the first edition begins today. With me is the Boo club, the people of the parallel world and they watch what I do, perhaps that’s how it will all be reset for a better race towards giving up. that giving up is some years away , before that is the start-up.

I might as well start. Nature, I will make a request to elements of nature to give me the right balance, to provide me the right amount of strength and to let me engage with it in creation of that which nature will be proud of and always support.

The first question is What should I call my creation?

I have to toy with names now. I will call it ABCDs. Not thinking beyond that. Goodnight. Here’s me working on my first ABCDs edition.

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For life. For good. For cheer.

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