basics’ boom

The right kind of everything. The wrong kind of nothing. The basic right to live competes with the basic right to have fun. Why live if it is no fun? Why indeed. Basic way of life is the manipulation of spirit. The spiritual path is the jump from air base but once you reach solid turf there are two major options, to jump off with another air wave or follow the sound wave and find the music to kindle the path forward. Negotiating the material path, vastu shastra, feng shui and such is the realization that we cannot take things we have earned for granted, so we either want to arrange and create a more beautiful, peaceful, auspicious way forward or we want to minimize to just be comfortable and be able to focus on some greater purpose.

Keep the boom for later. Start with getting the basics right, the lack of which actually propelled you to fly in thin air. This time, get the basics right, says I to I. Don’t go seeking until you see it. Make the reality appear before you not by bhakti but by shakti.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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