Shaping ourselves

We shape our personas into interesting, intimidating, influential or any such characters. Then, at the end of the trans- formative phase we begin to judge ourselves. Filled with regret for the times we let it out on others, for the time we spread violence, for the times we victimised others. And our self-love takes a dip. The right way would be to attribute it to the phenomenon called life instead of putting the blame on our metamorphical energy release. Life does it to us, we aren’t in charge. Our bruises do not show, the pain we share or imposed on others is not what we had planned to do. It happened that way. It is others who were at the receiving end of it who have to decide whether they accept you as you are, after you emerge from the storm. Your role is to start from scratch. Try and write a likeable story of relationship with everyone in your life henceforth, if life allows it.

Life is the toast master, you are in debate with yourself. Life will decide whether your points hold any strength and value, good enough to be shared with others. And if Life allows it then you have a vantage over your own past criminal behaviour. You possibly have vanquished your discomforting life and emerged into a more restful life.

Published by EssenceofPresence

For life. For good. For cheer.

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