still trying…

I am still trying to come to terms with climate change crisis and other such, arising out of the environmental disaster we are staring into. I have to learn to let people live full lives. I have to allow myself to be less tense about the situation and live my own life in a more fulfilling way. I have to preserve nature and give away my services in others’ interest. Every climate activist says there is hope and that is heartening. I have provided my ten pointer list as solution for the crisis. If followed it could revert the footsteps of future humans from walking in to doom.

MEANWHILE , I have started praying for everyone which is very unlike me but we need all the force with us to make this possible. Even the Pope has started speaking about environmental crisis. Just shows that the fear is real. Popes, Presidents and leaders in every field have taken to address the environmental crisis because it has grown into an existential problem

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