The cove of solitude and the corn on the cob

I have it, plain in my vision, a cove where waves lash ashore with ease. It is someplace I know and have been to, had food from and watched little ones being taught fishing. That was where I thought life begins again. Man teaching his children to fish rather than just to eat. To knowContinue reading “The cove of solitude and the corn on the cob”

Dear life and dearest life’s leads

If one lets life be, then it could be noticed that there is a sudden spurt in growth, activity, wanderings and wilderness. This leads from creativity to chaos to procreation. It is only with procreation that sensibilities calm down to appreciate the result of the hyperactivity and restlessness. A simple surrender at the altar ofContinue reading “Dear life and dearest life’s leads”

Power Broker’s Paeans

Research on Energy might involve finding out ways and means to discard waste without harming environment. Also in case of solar energy it must assess its effect on the Sun itself as well as on climate change. In case of nuclear plants we must know the risk and have adequate waste disposal. Global worldwide extremeContinue reading “Power Broker’s Paeans”