Celebration style a la little women style

The second chapter describes how they celebrate their forlorn Christmas by being kind and gay. Morning starts with sacrificing their grand breakfast for the sake of poor neighbours. Little girls who are behaving like adults even at the beginning of the book; only can wonder how much more would they grow up. Their father atContinue reading “Celebration style a la little women style”

Sun Worship is the new lost and found religion

[1/14, 09:59] Sree: Activated charcoal powder is the ancient recipe for gas and acidity, as cleaning agent for skin and vessels and may actually help with movement of our intestines by combining it with citrus fruits or some fibrous husk [1/14, 10:01] Sree: I was sceptical about it being a nature friendly product but IContinue reading “Sun Worship is the new lost and found religion”

The IVC chapter and the cozy little read.

In trode action I am the new woomaan in town. Oui it is a francophone country and it is difficult to navigate but I am hopeful. I wish to use this site as a workshop to create something in the physical world. My previous stint has taught me that blogging works best when you combineContinue reading “The IVC chapter and the cozy little read.”

A blog be savior for a bored expat

There seems to be a story that refuses to come out in the open. It is perhaps a boring story with a çlinical character who doesn’t know what love is. A love story is far easier to write. Stories of success, stories of star crossed lovers, stories of complicated courage in certain professional field, storiesContinue reading “A blog be savior for a bored expat”