Power Broker’s Paeans

Research on Energy might involve finding out ways and means to discard waste without harming environment. Also in case of solar energy it must assess its effect on the Sun itself as well as on climate change. In case of nuclear plants we must know the risk and have adequate waste disposal.
Global worldwide extreme steps to effectively tackle climate change crisis:

  1. Ban plastic and metal production. Recycle. Stop mining and quarrying.
  2. Ban private vehicles on roads. Introduce more buses and trains.
  3. Work from home as far as possible.
  4. Minimal survival provision, shelter and support for everyone.
  5. Sustainable community based living.
  6. World peace, positive ecosystem
  7. Mixture of appropriate energy sources. Limit energy use after 6 pm. Stay indoors. Provide community get togethers and community kitchens for evening using minimal energy. Or in extreme cases, black-outs after evening, lanterns and candles. Early to bed, early to rise. In places with extreme weather conditions allow heaters and airconditioners. Minimal human activity after 8 pm
  8. Non-biodegradable waste to be managed by recycling.
  9. Renewable energy sources to be allowed to be renewed efficiently.
  10. Bio-degradable waste to be used appropriately.

The beetle that died, lived again

The beetle that died today on my balcony tiles knew how to. It sang till its throat gave way and it had to. Carry on, he sang, carry on mate, bring the spring again, though once already in vain it came, try again, bring it around one more time, spread your mane, let the horses in your head be home-bound, let them seek you out for love and its encore, the pride of belonging when free to mate after the courting’s done. Let light showers begin, the Sun too join ìn not to miss the fun. Let the glancing Sun colour your grey sky undone with Amber glow, let the coast clear for more ships to come, diamonds peek again through the golden sands. Let celebration of life begin for ten years to come, let all the wounds heal. Let us spur Ice apocalypse and bring it to dance to warm calypso and eternity thus begun. How empowered our Sun, the gentle water its chum.

Honey is no trap

It is the bees, beetles, wasps, butterflies, moths and other flying bugs that generate the Buzz and hence the wind. They come to flowers, kiss them sweet, take away their loneliness and touch them with their sweet mouth, sucking at nectar, brushing away their burdens and making away with their seeds/pollen. They spread news of beauty found and loved how, they gather forces of nature to spread wings of joy. This Buzz and joy, this looking forward to survival, this propagation of wonder and surrender, this craziness of a lover creates the wind and from the cool breeze emanates the warmth that trickles down like a smooth liquid of pure ecstasy, honey. And this honey is no trap, it is essential sweetness of life, the song of birth and the promise of sorrow being over and out, the product worth all its salt.

The Word

It begins with the sound and the need to animate that sound. Therefore we first draw, a two dimensional representation of the sound. Then we give this written symbol an association. With association comes other sounds which also beg to be a representative symbol. Stringing these symbols together we attribute meaning so as to play with a more complex idea than just the sound. Thus, a word is born.

This word jumps fences, makes friends with more words and relates a short story in a sentence. This story is a recorded act or thought, a way to move forward, evolve, emerge from troubled situations, find a new thing, invent some excuse to be more creative.

The world is now witness to flowers of new hues and scents, birds with new feathers and songs, a celebration of endless creation and evolution. The word made it possible. Some creation beyond classical, a joy beyond every kind of despair, a step towards immortality. The idea that was, finding voice and begetting creation. Wallahomageisk! Howdylalujahed! Divinitysunastreisk! I am seriously running out of newborn cursative exclamations, rraaahh! Ra@h!

This world has lost its story

Anyway you look at it, this world is now on the verge of a meltdown. It is begining to look at whatever it had constructed as not worth the while anymore. So when does this story end and when does a new one begin? It might surprise many of us to know that a new story has already begun, an irreligious, practical and nature oriented path that we as homosapiens have never taken before.Random acts of kindness is evidence, natural forces and their impact is the teacher. The new story places human beings as creators and we have the kingdom already under seige. Now to weave a theme ofsurvival with the given resources without adding more material matter in our midst than that which already exists😁 I don’t really know how it will be made possible but I am sure the young human mind will steer this ship to safety.

Repentance Rewords

Words are the latest jewels people are flaunting to attract friends and lovers. It is competing with everything under the Sun from flowers to lipstick. Nature is bountiful, hence prove it with words. And sorry may be the most powerful word to settle ruffled feathers yet. Thus begin with a sorry and end with a sorry may be the new way to pave a way to somebody’s aching, pining heart.

Reduce Reuse Respect Recycle

Quality, Quantity, Quantum. These 3 Qs can change a lot of things about the way we use, reuse and recycle non-living matter. Considering that matter is in constant exchange and interchange, if we seriously regulate the quality of living and non-living matter, its production requirement will be less and it can be reused longer. Besides, it gets a bit of respect and so it will be automatically recycled. Production of non-living matter, thus, should have stringent quality control. Period

Reducing the quantity of production of non-living matter due to better sustainability is owing to good quality. This can work miracles in the way matter is manifested in this planet earth. It could allow more living matter i.e. wildlife, nature, human beings to thrive and survive. Good quality of non living matter allows for better survival of living matter.

Quantum mechanics involves the environmental science of change, exchange and interchange of particulate matter at molecular level. We humans could benefit a lot by understanding it as the underlying principle of survival, thus benefiting our thoughts, our behaviour and existence as a community of beings.

We are afterall just recycled matter. We owe our origins and creation to both living and non-living matter. Let me leave you all with that thought for now.

It is one of those days

When in Mumbai, I was frequently upset by my kids’ pace of life. THEY literally lived out of school bags, me knowing not when they come n when they go. I used to wish they would stop and listen.

Thankfully shifting to a new place gave much respite. Electrocuted nerve wires settled down, singed emotions healed and raging hormones flattened out to peace.

The thought of going back is scary. Here, sitting quietly within the house seems agreeable because the city is quiet too. I wonder how I can live in a pigeon hole house quietly in Mumbai when the streets are abuzz. How to stop worrying about kids, how to ward off advertisements pressing upon some urgent personal need, how to have a cold thought to tackle stress, how to have hope about tomorrow when every attempt to go out involves having burning eyes and grey concrete as sights.

Perhaps, I can approach the municipality with ideas to improve the city’s infrastructure. But why bother when the authority doesn’t bother, those who are paid for such jobs do not bother. I can write it down in my blog and hope somebody sees it. But is it really that impossible to stop water-logging? Why can’t scientists of the country get together and solve such problems? Did they try? Have they given up? May I then try? Will you let me? But how do we get to sit across a table and discuss such issues? I promise I will pull out some magic from some magic hat. All this because my kids love the city and I have the capability of connecting dots and reaching favourable solutions

Schizoid but healing

When it began it was a whirlpool, then it was a 24 hrs roller-coaster ( I am scared as hell to get on a roller coaster) thn it turned into a horror film with me being the possessed, then I was literally on some activist tirade trying to set the world right. Combined with all these horrifying situations was trying to bring up two kids and maintain peace with my husband and other family or friends…it felt like I was a slave to some secret system of existence.

I fought being a subject of over medication, every now and then slipping on it and justifying it by saying and showing that it kept me active and not tied down to the corner of a room. Maintained civility with the doctors who listened to the hapless husband very time I had a relapse and tried to increase the dose or add some new tablets.

For years and years, 10 years exactly, of struggling to find the right dose and medication , being in and out of asylum I finally found some peace when I was prescribed anti hypertensives along with the antipsychotic I was on. Slowly my brain cooled down, my body relaxed and I was no longer on continuous fight or flight mode. It coincided with my decision to give up all hopes, expectations and ambitions in life and live life one day at a time, cherishing time spent with family who cared. Also my diet was circumstantially changed to very simple home-made food.

Yes, schizoidal diseases as autoimmune diseases makes sense but the inflammatory agent though cannot be identified it could range from food to parasites. To change our highly charged immune system, the overactivated sympathetic system must come to rest so that the lymphoid system doesn’t get signals of body being in an emergency. Meanwhile, to allay stressful thoughts, I wrote books after books on poetry and fiction, blog after blog of real life snippets and spiritual, did all kinds of exercise like yoga, dancing, walking, chatted and talked to a lot of people, fell in and out love several times not knowing who I was falliing in love with, chased a lot of personal dreams to achieve very little compared to the passion I felt for it, travelled a lot with family, fought a lot many people to break free from crowds in order to re-establish solitude. Finally Found some peace with my dual mind.

Autoimmune or anti-inflammatory in nature schizoid diseases sure does put the body and mind in a fight or flight mode. Mebbe it is the bizarre thoughts that put the sympathetic system on alert. But what provokes the bizzare thoughts otherwise called delusions? Most likely some agent or agents triggers an unravelling of the nervous system and the story that unfolds is so scary that our entire lymphatic system and circulatory system is hyperactivated to the point of body and brain discomfort. And withdrawal of medications may bring back the unravelling so a schizoid is condemned to life long treatment. The best bet is to seek out a stress free lifestyle and slowly wean off the dosage to a minimal optimal dose that keeps us active and creates no great harmful side effects. The biggest problem with stopping medication is that accumulated stress in living can bring back the sympathetic system to an alert and we won’t even realize that we are becoming schizoid again, so a relapse may occur. Controlling a relapse needs bigger dosages of anti psychotics. The biggest challenge, therefore, is finding an optimal minimal dose. If and ever mine is weaned off completely I would probably have gained a lot of mind control over matter. Schizoids are very sensitive and emotional and pretty much defensive about how they are. So they fight tooth and nail to stay true to themselves. Peace be upon such people dwelling in idealism.