Star Spy

Star spy

I used to spy on stars. Concerned with everything they do as it was reported. Then it so happened that I felt that I was being spied upon by them. It made me lose my marbles. Now we are mutually disinterested or distracted by our own affairs. Yet, there is a star that spies upon me. And it is all for the sake of art and science, it is how humans stay connected beyond status and time.

Life Story

Our life’s story runs forward smoothly till it hits a bump or gets rough with jerks and hiccups. The malfunctioning engine ie brain works best when it believes in a positive story so completely that it doesn’t make us scratch our heads in puzzlement.

Believability is essential ingredient for rising and sustained ambition. Without that , we feel empty, hollow or spiritual. Without wanting to run away from it all we may struggle and in this struggle period if we find another story with strong believability factor we will renew our run with zest.

Reinventing our life’s story is the only way to creatively side line restlessness and or boredom. Our mind’s Fed so many stories in our lifetime but then we believe in only those few stories that gains the approval of the majority in our immediate environment. We may also pursue the attractive stories that’s well established in the way the world-at-large functions. Yet, there is a wee bit of possibility that we may wander off into an unknown track and make a believable success story for ourselves. Sometimes, tales of people who took the less trodden path beguile and bewitch the larger majority.

We are all trying to just survive. It’d do us good to remember that and help each other through it all.

Food is sacred.

When food is prepared at home, the family unit finds the kitchen ruled by the chief chef-in-charge.Other chefs at large may peep in to provide momentum. Non interference is the Golden rule for the chief chef’s untainted success. The deity, who is the person the chief chef is trying to impress, is free to be kind or critical. And whether or not the chef’s efforts improve is decided by the finer nuances of the deity’s comments.


Book reading is a lost art.

Even if you are reading curriculum books, there is a way to interpret it and process it so that it stays in your memory much faster and easily. It is an art which can be instilled.

Similarly the art of reading story books can be taught to students who have never touched a story book . It is a very pleasant experience and involves the awakening of all our senses.

This lost art must be revived as times have come when staying indoors is losing the charm of cementing connections between family members. I personally feel that book reading can rejuvenate our lives and make it rich, regardless of material gains.

This is not the age of entrepreneurs, this is an age of restoring family bonds and building a community. A community where the majority read story books and poetry is the vision that I nurture and nourish in my private dreams.

The third chapter

Party time. Romantic rendezvous. Promise of upscaling. Serendipity is blossoming into habit. Modernity interferes with tradition. The breaker of rules is the heart-broken one. The ice starts setting. Warmth turns to heat, then iced thoughts break a spirit.

The drift you get out of reading a chapter in a book takes you further to turn the next page. “Little women” is not so cosy anymore in its third chapter . The outside world has gained entry into the tight knit family fabric

Spices Affect

Spices in cookery art is the gold dust we embellish ornery dishes with; it gives out a significant aroma of welcomeness.

Besides cookery art my day is filled with day dreaming , a sort of preparation for furthering my blogging initiative or job search.

Thoughts are like torches that light the pathway of our actions. They also simmer like light-bugs above the pavement of our neighbourhood thus fulfilling us as our mundane duties give into a sensation of something juicy, by attributing to them an impression of purpose filled acts.

Why write about all this and make it sound exotic? So that the reader imbibes the essence of my presence and like spices they too seduce my curried life, thus then stir the sleeping, salty pond of bland waters. And thus then affect.

Readers and Writers beware

For people who are engaged with stories:

  • Cast a critical eye on one’s immediate surroundings. Perhaps book reading or writing is a form of escapism from one’s current lifestyle.
  • Sweep up the dust, clear out the clutter, reduce your needs and surrounding decor to a bare minimal so that upkeep of it is manageable.
  • Do not let your moods dictate your fingers. Yearn for silken silence so that thoughts flow like crystal clear water.
  • Aim for peace within and without. A happy world rather than a fun world because fun evaporates but peace has a collective powerful existence


Try simple B complex supplements and a reduction in dosage of antipsychotics. Moreover, weaning oneself off mobiles helps one be more mindful eating drinking and in relationships. Thanks for this article


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