Book reading is a lost art.

Even if you are reading curriculum books, there is a way to interpret it and process it so that it stays in your memory much faster and easily. It is an art which can be instilled.

Similarly the art of reading story books can be taught to students who have never touched a story book . It is a very pleasant experience and involves the awakening of all our senses.

This lost art must be revived as times have come when staying indoors is losing the charm of cementing connections between family members. I personally feel that book reading can rejuvenate our lives and make it rich, regardless of material gains.

This is not the age of entrepreneurs, this is an age of restoring family bonds and building a community. A community where the majority read story books and poetry is the vision that I nurture and nourish in my private dreams.

The third chapter

Party time. Romantic rendezvous. Promise of upscaling. Serendipity is blossoming into habit. Modernity interferes with tradition. The breaker of rules is the heart-broken one. The ice starts setting. Warmth turns to heat, then iced thoughts break a spirit.

The drift you get out of reading a chapter in a book takes you further to turn the next page. “Little women” is not so cosy anymore in its third chapter . The outside world has gained entry into the tight knit family fabric

Spices Affect

Spices in cookery art is the gold dust we embellish ornery dishes with; it gives out a significant aroma of welcomeness.

Besides cookery art my day is filled with day dreaming , a sort of preparation for furthering my blogging initiative or job search.

Thoughts are like torches that light the pathway of our actions. They also simmer like light-bugs above the pavement of our neighbourhood thus fulfilling us as our mundane duties give into a sensation of something juicy, by attributing to them an impression of purpose filled acts.

Why write about all this and make it sound exotic? So that the reader imbibes the essence of my presence and like spices they too seduce my curried life, thus then stir the sleeping, salty pond of bland waters. And thus then affect.

Readers and Writers beware

For people who are engaged with stories:

  • Cast a critical eye on one’s immediate surroundings. Perhaps book reading or writing is a form of escapism from one’s current lifestyle.
  • Sweep up the dust, clear out the clutter, reduce your needs and surrounding decor to a bare minimal so that upkeep of it is manageable.
  • Do not let your moods dictate your fingers. Yearn for silken silence so that thoughts flow like crystal clear water.
  • Aim for peace within and without. A happy world rather than a fun world because fun evaporates but peace has a collective powerful existence


Try simple B complex supplements and a reduction in dosage of antipsychotics. Moreover, weaning oneself off mobiles helps one be more mindful eating drinking and in relationships. Thanks for this article


Esmé Weijun Wang | an excerpt from The Collected Schizophrenias | Graywolf | January 2019 | 17 minutes (4,971 words)

When I walked into the neurologist’s office in 2013 with C., it should have been apparent that something was very wrong with me. I struggled to keep open my eyes, not because of exhaustion but because of the weakness of my muscles. If you lifted my arm, it would immediately flop back down again as though boneless. My body frequently broke out into inexplicable sweats and chills. On top of all that, I had been experiencing delusions for approximately ten months that year. My psychiatrist suspected anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, made famous by Susannah Cahalan’s memoir, Brain on Fire: My Months of Madness, but that did not explain everything that was wrong with me, including the peripheral neuropathy that attacked my hands and feet, my “idiopathic fainting,” or the extreme…

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Perfect for blogging inspiratio Read it like having my morning tea…refreshed.

The Renegade Press

I recently read an article that said more than 95% of blogs fail within their first twelve months. The reasons for failure vary from a lack of readership, to loss of interest on behalf of the author, and everything in between. But regardless of why they fail, the number shocked me. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been writing for this site for six years. I never envisioned that I would be one of the minority that made it.

I have always tried my hardest to write from the heart, and have told myself since the inception of this site that an author’s dreams are achieved when they move just one reader. But a friend recently brought to my attention that I have a subscriber list just shy of twenty thousand, and I felt that the milestone, coupled with the release of my sophomore novel, and my six year anniversary of blogging was worth acknowledging. 

Although I…

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Morning Gory

Morning brings in strange thoughts of people in lunatic asylums and in jails. Will reading and writing help them realign their lives on the positive track? It is for a chosen few of course, the educated and creative ones. Others have to pitch in with hard labour and chores in order to burn out the adrenalin rush.

Not reading “Little Women” today. Feels like my audience is lost and there is no one person I am writing this for. Magic is in connection.

Celebration style a la little women style

The second chapter describes how they celebrate their forlorn Christmas by being kind and gay. Morning starts with sacrificing their grand breakfast for the sake of poor neighbours. Little girls who are behaving like adults even at the beginning of the book; only can wonder how much more would they grow up. Their father at war, their breakfast sacrificed but they still find time to behAve gaily to pull up their mother’s spirits.

Enacting plays with costumes and sets for being their own audience seems like a very unique way of celebrating during festivities. How different from the times we live in. At least, during our times, we huddled around the tv and watched the special programs aired to bring in the festive activities of celebrities thus bringing cheer to our far flung areas. Now with laptops and computers gaining upper hand, even that form of family get togethers is rare and in between. The family fabric is not strained anymore, it is just ignored.

Our times are at a speed we do not even care to comprehend; but these books show us a way out from our rat race machines, to get out of our mechanized lives and show Grace in our living, beginning with our families. So long, till I read my next chapter

Sun Worship is the new lost and found religion

[1/14, 09:59] Sree: Activated charcoal powder is the ancient recipe for gas and acidity, as cleaning agent for skin and vessels and may actually help with movement of our intestines by combining it with citrus fruits or some fibrous husk
[1/14, 10:01] Sree: I was sceptical about it being a nature friendly product but I found out that it is made from burnt coconut shells and not from wood

I’ am a Nature worshipper, a Nature loving and Nature fearing person. I acknowledge its power and humbly appreciate its benevolence. For me, as a believer, Sun is God and all other elements of nature are ruled by its light and warmth.To spread this truth one only needs to understand that we cannot meet eye to eye with the Sun. It is the provider of life in this ecosystem that inhabits planet earth. I am ready to be a New Age Guru to help people connect with Nature and turn around this destructive lifecycle train that is leading us and our future gen into certain doom.- The Sun shows the way of balance and warmth for sustenanance and sustainability.